​​​​​​​June 9, 2020




June 9 2020 - Båstadhamn
Right now, a lot is happening in the harbor. Many people are wondering what will happen in Båstad without major events. The marina looks bright at the summer. In connection with social distancing, as well as the so-called "home vacation" which means that you travel domestically instead of abroad, boating becomes stronger.

Nevertheless, we remain in restrictions according to the Public Health Authority and the port is adapted to easily avoid close contact. 


  • The harbor office updated its opening hours. See below for info.
  • The event calendar on the website is now updated. Filled and marked with set events.
  • Event booths have been exhibited. This means that the people who have chosen to rent an event booth in the summer of 2020 will start to open up successively.
  • New stylish signs in the harbor. Now you do not miss our new toilets in the harbor!
  • Now you walk safely in the harbor area. The bicycle ban is running for the season.
Soon comes:
- Updates to our website.
- Restaurant opening hours updates.
- Seasonal update for our social media.

Opening hours:

We are still open at the port office with some restrictions.
(Early summer)

Harbor office:
Wed-Sat: 08-12:00

Mon-Fri: 08:00-18:00
Sat-Sun: 08:00-10:00

Port Captain Ulf Nilsson - 0730-93 35 22