Places to see

Bjärehalvön is filled with lots of tourist attractions, all conveniently close at hand. Day visitors can see and experience many things, thanks to the short distances.

Halland Väderö

A gem in the sea. Located fifteen minutes by boat from Båstad Hamn. This island offers fantastic swimming and nature experiences. Hiking around the island takes a couple of hours and is well invested time. From cliffs and beaches you can dip in crystal clear water. On the island there is a small museum and a shop / cafe open during the season.
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Tennis Museum

A Museum that all tennis fans enjoy visiting. There are photographs, tennis outfits from bygone times and tennis artifacts. Located at Maria square only few hundred meters from Båstad Hamn.

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Norrviken Gardens

An esteemed facility on Hallandsås north slope just west of Båstad Hamn.. Norrviken consists of seven different style gardens. You either walk by yourself or with a guide. Finish off with some food in the restaurant.

​​​​​​​Don't miss the newcommer! Chocolaterian Norrvikens trädgårdar
A bistro with full rights, here you can enjoy an espresso for a sea view, an Italian gelato or look into their chocolaty workshop. A world of chocolates and chocolates, where each one is handmade.

Birgit Nilsson museum

Experience the farm where Birgit Nilsson played as a child and where she dreamed of a life in the world of singing and opera. For 23 years, Birgit Nilsson lived with her parents on the farm. Birgit helped with all the chores in the yard. It was a life far from what she would later get as one of the world's most famous opera singers.

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Statue of Birgit Nilsson

The statue is a stone's throw from Båstad Hamn, at Maria square. The statue of Birgit Nilsson was inaugurated in May 2013. This blue statue was created by internationally renowned artist couple Ulla and Gustav Kraitz, who have been living on the Bjäre peninsula for a long time.​​​​​​​
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A few hundred meters from Båstad Hamn is "three kilometers of shopping center". Along Köpmansgatan there are well-stocked and charming unique shops.

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Märta Måås- Fjetterström

A block away from Båstad Hamn is a weaving studio almost a hundred years old. Here, unique hand-woven rugs are produced in modern and historical designs. Märta Måås-Fjetterström's wonderful textiles have made her famous far outside Sweden's borders.

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Foto: Sten Gauthier


At the far end of the winter garden, Skansen's spa world opens. Here you will find treatment rooms and steam sauna. A relaxing relaxation area with beautiful clover-shaped pool and windows to the beach. 60 meters out to sea you sit on the dock in the cold bath house and look out over the sea.

Now the spa is expanding
Inauguration of their new rooftop spa July 1, 2020 

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