Fees and charges 2020

Guest harbor fees in Båstad Harbor.
Payable no later than 2 hours after arrival at our pay station at the port office.
Prices apply to boats in private use.

​​​​​​​Guest boat fees

Fee:             Boat width:
190,00          <2,79
225,00          2,8-3,79
290,00          3,8-4,19
370,00          4,2-4,79
610,00          4,8-5,39
950,00          >5,40          (Up to 89 feet)

Boats / vessels 90+ feet, 20 SEK / foot per day.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Payment by boat is 50% of the guest boat price.
Payment the day after arrival day will be added 100% of the guest boat price.

For longer stays in Båstadhamn you pay for 6 days, for a week (not valid during the men's tennis), this offer can only be purchased through the port office.


Purchased per kwh or daily fee depending on electricity pole.
10Amp                        40,00/day
16Amp                        120,00/day
32Amp                        240,00/day
63Amp                        480,00/day
Kwh                             2,00/st​​​​​                (Purchased via our port card)


10,00/ shower ca.6min
​​​​​​​(Purchased via our port card).


Wash                           40,00/wash
Drying                        20,00/drying
(Purchased via our port card).

Ramp fee

40,00/Launch (Requires 2 boom openings at 20.00 / walk), (Purchased via our port card).
40,00/Pick-up (Requires 2 openings at 20.00 / walk), (Purchased via our port card).
600,00/ Season. Can only be purchased at the port office.

Rinse plate/pressure washer

30,00 - 10 minutes washing time



Free for guest boats.


Daily prices change according to the market price.

Change of freezer packs

Free of charge! 
All prices are incl. VAT.
Boats for commercial use ask for quotation / price.



Below you will find all the rules of order at Båstad Hamn.


  • Bathing in the harbor is not allowed.
  • All fishing in the harbor is not allowed, however, crab fishing for children is allowed.
  • Maximum speed in the port area 3 knots and travel without a swell.
  • The gutter must always be free of movement, i.e. no fishing nets, no water play.
  • Guest boats shall be approached by the bow at the port entrance.
  • The boat owner / master is obliged to obey instructions from the harbor captain / port hosts.
  • Guest boat fee must be paid no later than 2 hours after touchdown.
  • All boats, fixed and guest boats are obliged to moor the boat according to weather conditions. Continuous monitoring shall be carried out by the boat owner / master.
  • Shore power cables must be broken against land during thunderstorms.
  • Shore power cable must be approved for marine use according to Swedish standard.


  • Barbecue is only allowed on the port's barbecue areas and on your own boat, use good judgment, in case of abuse, port staff is entitled to stop the barbecue.
  • Emptying toilet tanks in the harbor is prohibited, utilize our toilet suction at the gas station.
  • Pets may be left alone on the boat only on condition that the animal is well and does not disturb the surroundings.
  • Pets may be left alone on the boat only on condition that the animal is well and does not disturb the surroundings.
  • Muffled sound level after 22.00, during the tennis weeks at 22.00
  • Garbage should be left at the port's environmental station / compactor behind the port office (see appropriations) and environmentally hazardous waste must be left in the blue environment container.
  • All commercial activities must be in writing from Båstadhamn to operate in the port area.

If you prefer the land

  • Bicycle riding, and all forms of electric vehicles (except the port company vehicles) are prohibited in the port area between 1/6 - 15/8.
  • Parents are responsible for their children throughout the port area.
  • For parking within the port area, a written parking permit must be issued by Båstadhamn.