April 14, 2020

Parking permit for 2020


Parking permit

April 14, 2020 - Båstadhamn
We now have updated P-permits again for the summer of 2020.
There are 3 different parking permits - Day / July / Season.

Day pass: For those who only want parking permits during the day.
July pass: For those who want a parking permit during the month of July.
Season pass: For those who want parking permits throughout the season.

- The parking permits apply to the parking at the Port office
- The parking permits are only purchased through the Port Office.

In connection with the purchase of a parking permit, a Tallykey card is included to gain access to the parking. The Tallykey card costs nothing but has a deposit of 50.00.


- Day pass:           250:-
- July pass:         1000:-
- Season pass:   1400:-

- The price is with Swedish krones (kr).

All prices are incl. VAT