Procedures for permanent boat owners

Routines for permanent boat site owners regarding red / green marking in marina between 1 / 6- 31/8.

Leaving the harbour

When you leave Båstad Hamn
  • If you leave the place to be away for a maximum of 2 nights, red-mark the place and when you get home you should immediately mark your place to green.
  • If you are away for more than two nights, report how long you plan to be gone before leaving your boat seat and leave the place green.
Your place should always be green signposted
Every morning the port staff checks the green / red signs in the harbor, the unregistered place green is marked after 2 days.

Arriving to the harbor

When you come back to Båstad Hamn after your boat trip
  • SMS / mail before noon day 1 = your place becomes vacant after noon day 2.
  • SMS / mail after noon day 1 = vacancy after noon day 3.
SMS: 0725-670700


When you launch your boat for the season
  • SMS / mail before noon day 1 = you can use your place after noon day 2
  • SMS / mail after 12:00 at day 1 = you can use your place after 12:00 at day 3.
​​​​​​​SMS: 0725-670700


Phone: 0725-670700

Ulf Nilsson
Port captain Båstad Hamn.

Common questions

- Why are our places signposted with red / green sign?
Without these signs, the harbor has poor opportunities to receive guest boats.

- Why do you want so many guest boats?
The guest boat fees help to keep down the costs of fixed boat seats, and that the guest boats contribute immensely to the special atmosphere of Båstad Harbor.

- Why should my place always be green?
It is easy to forget to change the sign before an exciting boat ride. Leave your sign green so you don't have to worry about it!

- Why don't I get my boat seat right after I arrive at the port?
There is probably a guest boat at your place. Therefore, we must give the guest boat a chance to end its evening. SMS / mail according to rules for free boat space on arrival in the harbor.

- Why do I have to SMS / email a full day before arrival?
We have to give the guest boat a chance to complete its evening. The next morning, the guest boat takes hold of its obligations.