Guidelines and rules

Below you will find all the rules of order at Båstad Hamn.


  • Bathing in the harbor is not allowed.
  • All fishing in the harbor is not allowed, however, crab fishing for children is allowed.
  • Speed ​​restriction in the port area 3kn or all speeds that give rise to swell.
  • The gutter must always be free of movement, i.e. no fishing nets / gear, no water play.
  • Guest boats shall be approached by the bow at the port entrance.
  • The boat owner / master is obliged to obey orders / instructions from the harbor captain / port hosts.
  • Guest boat fee must be paid no later than 2 hours after touchdown.
  • All boats, fixed and guest boats are obliged to moor the boat according to weather conditions. Continuous monitoring shall be carried out by the boat owner / master.
  • Shore power cables must be broken against land during thunderstorms.
  • Shore power cable must be approved for marine use according to Swedish standard.​​​​​​​


  • Barbecues are only allowed on the harbor's barbecue areas and on their own boat, use good judgment, in case of abuse, port staff has the right to stop grilling.
  • Emptying toilet tanks in the harbor is prohibited, use our toilet suction at the gas station.
  • Order and order apply, everyone cleans up after themselves.
  • Pets may be left alone on the boat only on condition that the animal is well and does not disturb the surroundings.
  • Muffled sound level after 22.00, during the tennis weeks and SummerOn at 22.00
  • Garbage should be left at the port's environmental station / compactor behind the port office (see appropriations) and environmentally hazardous waste must be left in the blue environment container.
  • All commercial activities must be in writing with the permission of Båstadtennis & Hotell AB to operate in the port area.

At land

  • Bicycle and all forms of electric / fuel-driven skiing are prohibited in the port area between 1/6 - 15/8 2020 (except for handicapped aids).
  • Parents are responsible for their children throughout the port area.
  • For parking within the port area, a written parking permit must be issued by Båstadtennis & Hotell AB.