Book boat launch/lifting

Time to put in the boat for the season?

​​​​​​​Welcome to use our box crane! Below you will find prices and other information regarding the crane.



  • Launching takes place via Båstad leisure harbor AB (BFAB)
  • Can be used daytime and evening time if required.
  • Has lifting capacity up to 35 tonnes.
  • No more pressed lifting days, instead used evenly.

When booking, you state your name and tel. The size of the boat and its approximate weight, as well as two times when lifting is desired. BFEF returns within 24 hours via email and confirms the time. Minimum 4 lifts per occasion.


Prices and fees

Payment via Swish on sight.

Priser inklusive moms:                                                
0-6 tons Shareholders     750:-       Other 1250:-       Transport: 500:-
6-12 tons Shareholders    1000:-    Other 1875:-       Transport: 500:-
12-25 tons Shareholders  1875:-    Other 3125:-       Transport: 500:-
>25 tons Shareholders     3750:-    Other 6250:-       Transport: ​​​​​​​500:-

If you want to lift with your own crane, the cost is 750:-*
Other lifts eg. mast, targa arch the same as 6 tons​​​​​​​
When lifting, transport to/from the line-up is not included on the harbor plane or. from own wagon, also lift to flush plate is included for washing within reasonable time and then launch again. *If you want to lift with your own crane, the cost is 750:-, registration is necessary in order not to collide with other events. If there is still no registration BEFORE lift = double charge.


Every boat owner must have his boat insured for crane lifting.


If you own a co-location where your boat cannot fit and therefore rent another place, then you pay according to other customers' price list


Booking of launch times is via email:​​​​​​​
In case of emergency, contact BFEF-Port Host: +46 790-74 73 74